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Construction Slow Downs


Highway Construction and Maintenance Slow Downs Report

Updated: Tuesday, April 25, 2017 09:45 AM
Updated Bi-Weekly or As Required
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Avalon Eastern Central Western Labrador
Route Location & Project Description Status Updated
2 Pitts Memorial Drive Harbour Arterial Street Lighting Maintenance proceeding April 25th (Project #113-15PHM) Ongoing Apr. 25, 2017
09:45 AM
Comments: Lane closure on Pitts Memorial Drive Tuesday April 25th for servicing of street lighting system between downtown and Kilbride. Be prepared for lane closures, construction slowdowns and delays from 9AM to 4PM. Crews and equipment will be working in the east bound lanes with the median lane of traffic closed for the repairs. Drive with care and caution and expect short delays. Double fines apply in the construction zone.

3 Old Pennywell Road on Team Gushue Highway crossing. Traffic diversion for underpass construction for new route. (Project #6-13TSB) Completed Mar. 01, 2017
08:05 PM
Comments: Traffic diversion in place around underpass construction. Obey posted signage and drive with caution in the area.

3 Blackmarsh Road at Team Gushue Highway. Temporary diversion for underpass construction. (Project #78-14TSG) Halted Mar. 01, 2017
08:05 PM
Comments: Temporary road diversion in place with reduced speed limit and temporary lane markings. Drive with caution and obey posted signage.

10 LaManche River Bridge on Route 10 Southern Shore Highway km 55.1 between Tors Cove and Cape Broyle. Bridge replacement. (Project #5-16PSB) Ongoing Mar. 01, 2017
08:05 PM
Comments: Temporary one lane construction bypass in place with one way traffic controlled by temporary traffic lights. Expect short to moderate delays while construction ongoing for the new bridge construction over the next 8 to 10 months.

60 Topsail Road at Mount Pearl Square. Topsail Road widening for Team Gushue Highway on ramp. (Project #47-14THC) Halted Mar. 01, 2017
08:05 PM
Comments: East access to Mount Pearl Square at Dunn's Road intersection closed. Please use alternate accesses. Shoulder of Topsail Road in the vicinity of new ramp closed with concrete traffic barriers. Drive with caution.

100 Point Lance Road, Route 100-17. Road upgrading and paving. (Project #47-16PHP) Halted Mar. 01, 2017
08:05 PM
Comments: Work currently halted. Speed limit reduced. Pavement drops off at roadside. Drive with caution.

100 Placentia Lift Bridge, km 45, Route 100 in Placentia. Bridge demolition. (Project #62-12TSB) Ongoing Mar. 01, 2017
08:05 PM
Comments: Demolition operations ongoing. Crews and heavy equipment working next to roadway with flagpersons directing traffic. Speed limit reduced. Use caution in the area and be prepared to stop. Short delays expected. Work expected to continue throughout the fall.

Route Location & Project Description Status Updated
510 Trans Labrador Highway Red Bay towards Lodge bay, km 77 to km 156. Paving Trans Labrador Highway. (Project #37-16THP) Halted Jan. 10, 2017
11:56 AM
Comments: Work expected to continue resume in 2017.

510 Trans Labrador Highway, Lodge Bay towards Cartwright Junction, km 156 to km 236. Paving Trans Labrador Highway. (Project #55-16THP) Halted Jan. 10, 2017
11:56 AM
Comments: Work expected to resume in 2017.

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About the Report

This report provides information on highway construction and maintenance slow down areas that could affect the motoring public.

It covers the major arteries in all regions of the province, and is updated bi-weekly (during the construction season April - November) or when there is a significant change in operations for a particular project.

The report will continue until the end of the construction season.

An overview of all Highway initiatives can be obtained by visiting our News Releases.

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